250 Franked Mail - Meter Posting Envelopes

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  • 250 Franked Mail - Meter Posting Envelopes

250 franked mail meter posting envelopes, perfectly suitable for all businesses. 250 Franked Mail Posting Envelopes allow you to post a small amount of post in a normal pillar box without upsetting the Royal Mail and take advantage of later mail collection times. You will not be constrained by Royal Mail's collection times.

250 Franked Mail - Meter Posting Envelopes

Our 250 meter posting envelopes are brand new and made of high quality, being perfect for any business. Our envelopes meet the specified requirements as set by Royal Mail.

View the specifications for our 250 meter posting envelopes below.

  • Envelope Quality Weight: 115 grams
  • Envelope Colour: Manila
  • Envelope Type: Meter Posting Envelopes
  • Envelope Dimensions: C4 + 381mm x 254mm
  • Quantity: 250

FrankingInk.co.uk will Guarantee these Meter Posting Envelopes meet the required specifications for the Royal Mail and are of the highest quality or we will offer a Full Refund.

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