Frama Accessmail Ink, Ecomail Ink & Officemail Ink - Red Ink Refill Service

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  • Frama Accessmail Ink, Ecomail Ink & Officemail Ink - Red Ink Refill Service
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This is a red ink refill service for the Frama Accessmail ink cartridge, Frama Ecomail ink cartridge and Frama Officemail ink cartridge. This product uses Royal Mail approved compatible RED franking ink supplied by Mailcoms direct.

Frama Accessmail Ink, Ecomail Ink & Officemail Ink - Red Ink Refill Service

PLEASE NOTE: As this is a refill service, you will need to return your empty cartridge for refilling with a printed copy of your order.

This compatible replacement Royal Mail Approved ink is compatible with the Accessmail franking machine, Ecomail franking machine and Officemail franking machine. It will produce the exact number of impressions, and will do the exact same impressive, clean impressions, as an original ink cartridge bought from Frama.

View the specifications for this Frama Accessmail, Ecomail & Officemail product below.

  • Royal Mail Approved Ink: Yes
  • Perfect for Machine number(s): Frama Accessmail, Ecomail & Officemail
  • Cartridge Type: Refilled & Reset to new settings
  • Ink Colour: Red Ink
  • Cartridge Life: Around 1,500 prints
  • Frama Part number(s): 1003545 & 230-03-016
  • Original Manufacturers Advertised Price: £55.00 + Vat & Delivery (for 2)

Royal Mail Approved ImageRoyal Mail Approved Ink. Royal Mail have performed tests on our ink including thousands of prints / impressions from nearly all franking machines available in the UK market today in addition to some older models up to 10 years old. All impressions were tested to meet readability and compatibility criteria for recognition by the Royal Mails high speed IMP / ILSM sorting machines.

Your Satisfaction Guarantee: Unlike other alternative internet franking machine cartridge suppliers Mailcoms Ltd are Royal Mail Authorised Independent Franking Machine Maintainers and Inspectors.

None of our remanufactured or compatible Ink cartridges and labels are manufactured, affiliated or endorsed by the original equipment manufacturer Frama. This is not an Frama Manufactured cartridge.

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